The Writing Bootcamp with Confidence Course Bonus

Achieve Your Dream,
Master Your Time
& Find The Focus To Write Your Book

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The Writing Bootcamp E Course with Dr Yasmin Finch

4 weeks to change the way you write forever

About that book you're desperate to write.... The one you're too busy to get done...

It's time to write it.

Do you...

Want to write a book but just can't find the time?

When you finally find the time, you just can't seem to focus

Feel like you just don't know how you'll get it done?

Worried it will just stay on your to-do list forever?

Then this course is for you.

"This lady is changing my life. I wouldn't be doing any of the stuff I'm doing without her."

The Writing Bootcamp & Confidence Course Member

This 4 week course is for you...

  • You've got the idea for your novel, you might have started writing it, but you're scared you'll never get to the finish line
  • You're an entrepreneur or a coach who wants to write a book about your business or expertise, but you just can't find the time
  • You know you've always wanted to write a book, but it's just not happening

How will this course help me?

You'll learn the secrets of how to finally get your book written easily & quickly


How on earth do I make time to write a book with everything else I'm juggling?

You'll be coached in the techniques and strategies professional writers use to get their books finished easily and on time.


How do I order all my ideas into a book?

How do I make sure it all flows and carries my reader perfectly?

You'll learn how to handle all that information and order it to deliver an incredible reading experience. 


Support? What's that?

You might not even realise the support you need to write your book.

You'll learn who the people you need are and how to find them, building the network essential to every writer.


What do I do when the tidal wave of doubt and fear hits?

WHY am I even bothering to write?

NO-ONE will ever like this.

What if I get writers' block?

This course will banish those fears forever with proven techniques, exercises and strategies.

Dr Yasmin Finch
Writer & Coach 

Cambridge, UK

"I put together The Writing Bootcamp because I'd seen so many women want to write a book, but it always just stayed a dream. 

You're too busy, too stressed, can't concentrate, don't know where to start, not sure if you have the confidence... 

I know that the tools and techniques I developed when... 

🌿 I wrote my Ph.D.
🌿 I launched as a children's author 
🌿  I trained as a coach

...are the perfect combination to 

transform your experience of writing your book."

What's it like to go through one of my courses?

Would you like to...

...feel excited that it's happening for you now, this year, you'll finally have exactly what you need to get your book finished and off your 'one day' dream list, out of your heart, and into the world where it belongs.

How much does it cost?

All enrolment for this round of The Writing Bootcamp closes at midnight (UK time) 26th September 2020


"Time spent with Yasmin is always a good investment of time and money and I only wish I’d started earlier with her."

1-2-1 Coaching Client

What kind of book does this course work for?


Fiction, non-fiction, memoir, your business book, your novel, academic writing, etc. etc.

I'm coaching you, whatever book you're writing.

How will this help me?

This program will give you all the tools you'll need to...

Master your TIME in a whole new way

Learn the secrets of using the SPACE around you to get your book written

Consciously create the exact TEAM you need for support

Finally move into a positive MINDSET to flourish as you write your book

What will I get?

🌿 Access to all videos across 4 modules: TIME, SPACE, TEAM & MINDSET

🌿 Lifetime access (for the lifetime of the course, if I close it you'll have 12 months notice)

🌿 I'll coach you in techniques and strategies to get writing your book and finally feel confident to finish

🌿 AND I'll be with you in the live round Facebook group to hold your hand as you implement all the strategies

🌿 A generous course workbook to download - including journalling prompts, reading recommendations &  writing exercises

🌿 Join an amazing community of writers that will support you on the journey

🌟 BONUS #1 - The Writing Bootcamp Confidence Course - a mini course to boost your confidence to show what you write to the world (value $147)

🌟 BONUS #2 - An amazing pop-up Facebook community - join for our live round - 4 weeks of community and support where you can ask questions and meet other Bootcamp members

🖋️ The Writing Bootcamp starts on Monday 28th September 2020
and you'll get access to Module 0 & 1 on that date.

"I am deeply grateful for every session we’ve had, Yasmin has advised and guided my writing in the early stages of creating my first book and has listened and facilitated my thoughts and outcomes right up to when my first books were published."

1-2-1 Coaching Client

How much does it cost?

All enrolment for this round of The Writing Bootcamp closes at Midnight (UK time) 27th September 2020


2 AMAZING bonuses for you

Bonus #1

A Writing Bootcamp Mini Course

21 Days To Transform Your Confidence To Write
(Value $147)

You'll get immediate access to this course and get...

🌟 Targeted lessons to improve your confidence in your writing
🌟 A powerful daily practice that only takes 2 mins!
🌟 Transformative exercises that I use with my 1-2-1 coaching clients
🌟 A BONUS meditation to unlock exactly what you need to change

Bonus #2

A Writing Bootcamp Pop-Up Facebook group

A Place to... 

🌟 Support from Dr Yasmin as you go through each module
🌟 Connect with other members of The Writing Bootcamp
🌟 Ask questions
🌟 Share about your book
🌟  Find friends

What's covered in the course?



Finally master your time

I'll coach you in practical strategies and techniques to make it easy for you to commit to your writing time and finally see your book written, week by week, month by month.

Lessons include...

How to run a great writing marathon

How to handle disruption to your writing time

Want to go faster? Here's how



The secret of space

Learn the secrets of using your environment to exponentially boost your writing productivity. This module will revolutionise your writing practice.

Lessons include...

How to use your environment to help you write your book

How to set up your writing wall

How to use other environments to inspire & motivate yourself



Get the support you need

Find out how to build your real team, your virtual team and your cheerleader. Who's the most important person you should have and who should you keep distant from writing your book?

Lessons include...

Who NOT to put on your team

The most important member of your team

What's a cheerleader and should I have one?



This changes everything

Perhaps the most vital part of the jigsaw. I'll coach you to a new, positive mindset where you feel secure and confident ready to face any doubts and fears that arise in the process of writing your book.

Lessons include...

How to nurture a healthy mindset to write your book

How to overcome writers' block

What to do if you're worried about publishing & sales

Getting through the Ph.D. was a trial by fire. 

Every life-bomb that could possibly hit came along.

I wanted to give up so many timesHow could I ever write in this state? But I couldn't let go of that dream. 

Now it's your turn.

No matter how busy you are, how stressed, how much you have on your plate right now...

you can still follow that dream of writing your book and I'm going to help you get there

PS. This is me and my eldest on my graduation day. I started that Ph.D. with no kids and ended with two. It was a pretty crazy time."

Dr Yasmin Finch
Writer & Coach

"Yasmin has a gentle way with her which I really appreciated. I had great confidence in her and found her inspirational. I have always felt I could raise anything with her without fear.

I trust her completely."

1-2-1 Coaching Client


Who is the course for?

This course is perfect for you if you’re a woman who...
You know what you want to write, you may have already started, but you just can’t make progress. It feels like it will never happen. You’re ready to write it, you may have even done a course about writing techniques. You’re ready to make your dream happen.

How much time will I need to commit to it?

You need about 1-2 hours a week to go through the material. Then you'll need some time to implement all you're learning.

What do you not cover?

This course is all about how to manage your time and get amazingly focussed to write your book. Things we don’t cover are…Writing skills, creative writing, plotting, planning, characterisation etc.

We also don't cover how to get published. That’s a whole other amazing journey, but if you never get your book written you’ll never get it published. We take the pressure off and focus on getting your book written and ready to prepare for publication.

Is this course for fiction or non-fiction?

Both. We cover techniques and strategies to help you manage your time and get focussed, whatever wonderful type of book you’re writing.

What about if I’m an author-illustrator creating picture books?

Yes, this course will help you with strategies to easily manage your time and focus to create your amazing book.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered completely online via videos.

Can I do it at my own pace?

Yes. You’ll have lifetime access to the course and can work through it in the timeframe you choose.

Lifetime access means for the life of The Writing Bootcamp. In the future, if circumstances mean we have to close, we’ll give you at least 12 months notice.

So what is the live round?

From time to time we’ll do a live round of The Writing Bootcamp. You’ll get access to a Facebook group that Yasmin will be hosting. There’ll be opportunity to share the journey with other writers, ask questions, and talk about how you’re doing and what you’re learning in Bootcamp.

Is the course practical strategies or mindset work?

Both. We set you up with loads of practical things you can do, while helping you work on your mindset to write your book confidently and easily.

I don’t know what to write. Will this course help me?

This course will help you if you know what you want to write. We don’t cover how to decide what to write. Keep going though, you’ll find your direction soon.

Do I need any qualifications to do this course?

No. Just the confidence to have ago at writing your book. And we can even help with that 🙂

Will this course help me to write my Ph.D.?

Yes, this course would really help you with getting focussed and managing your mindset so you stay focussed and positive.

Will this course help me write and create my online course?

It will certainly help you write it. We don't cover how to create or launch an online course though.

Will I get 1-2-1 coaching?

No, this course doesn’t include 1-2-1 coaching.

This is exactly what I need.

It's time to write your book

Dr Yasmin Finch
Writer & Coach

I'm so pleased I found this course